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What if you knew the Secrets of Legendary Lead Guitar Players?


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In Texas Blues Guitar I Reveal the Tips, Tricks, & Techniques of Such Legendary Players As...

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • B.B. King
  • Albert King
  • Eric Clapton
  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  • Freddie King
  • Billy Gibbons
  • Albert Collins

You’ve probably wondered what sets these players apart from others—or maybe even yourself. Simply put, these Legendary players are privy to a few little secrets of their own which—believe it or not—aren’t that difficult to master.

Now, with my brand new course, you can learn all the Tips, Tricks, & Techniques that will have you sounding like the Masters while helping you create your own signature sound!

In Texas Blues Guitar I have come up with a logical, practical, and—most importantly—FUN system that will take the mystery out of playing lead guitar like the LEGENDS!

"You are absolutely the best teacher on the Internet I have encountered. I will support you from now on any way I can. Thank you!” - James Anic

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This course is for you if... 

Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar—a genre which is also commonly known as "Blues Rock"— is geared toward the player who is looking to play blistering lead lines, licks, and solos that can also be used in various other genres and styles of music.


Because Blues is the foundation for many other popular lead-guitar-based genres like Rock, Metal, Shred, and more!

Here's an easy way to tell if Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar is right for you...

  • You're stuck at a level in your playing that has you frustrated to no end, but you don't know how to break out of your rut.
  • You've always wanted to play blistering lead lines, licks, and solos like all your favorite players but never knew where to begin.
  • You've always wondered which scales to use when soloing. Or even better, how to use these scales to create awesome signature licks and solos of your own.
  • You've watched enough YouTube videos to make your eyes bleed and still aren't seeing the results you've been looking for.

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What's Included...

Features that will

Take Your Playing to the Next Level!

Over 6 Hours of Video Lessons

I've broken down everything for you to easily understand. Enjoy reviewing your lessons over and over again via video (Online mp4 video files, or USB/DVDs).

60+ Page Course Ebook

Tablature for very Example, Lick, Solo, etc., is compiled within an easy-to-follow companion PDF ebook.

Tablature & Fretboard Diagrams

Over 40 Licks are meticulously transcribed, along with 3 Fully Transcribed Solos! Learn visually with the use of comprehensive Chord and Scale Diagrams.

Audio Examples & Jam Tracks

Each example, lick, and solo in the course is provided for your learning benefit via the use of mp3 files. Lots of professionally produced jam tracks to play along with are included as well!

USB Version Available

If you don't want the hassle of dealing with multiple discs, you can just choose the USB version and upload it straight to your computer!

Mobile is King

Whether you choose the Online Course or USB version, you'll be able to learn on-the-go since everything is saved in file formats that are easy to use on all your devices.

Bonuses Loaded with Value

A Progress Tracker, Bonus Videos on Practice Methods and Tips, Extra Jam Tracks... These are just a few of the bonus materials that come with the course!

A Complete Arsenal Always at Your Disposal

With Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar you'll be adding a complete arsenal to your bag of Tips, Tricks, & Techniques that you can use in just about any genre you want to play!

Friendly & Reliable Customer Service

I pride myself in taking the best care of my customers, no matter which courses they've purchased from me. I'll do my best to answer any questions or concerns you have from the beginning of our new relationship.

Texas Blues Guitar on USB

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Click the button below to order the USB version.

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For a Fraction of the Cost of Private Guitar Lessons, You Can...

  • Receive your copy of Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar and begin your education today!
  • Reduce your learning curve tremendously!
  • Learn hours of quality guitar instruction from an experienced guitar instructor and regularly gigging musicianat your own pace!
  • Learn Guitar in the comfort of your own home or on-the-go (Online Course or USB version) with your laptop or mobile device!
  • Enjoy reviewing your lessons over and over again via video files!
  • All this and more!

Just the Facts

If you were to take private lessons with me, it would end up costing you at least a whopping $350 to receive the same amount of instruction you'll be receiving with my course—for less than half the investment!

That's because I only have a limited amount of time to serve everyone. But when you purchase Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar, I no longer have to be physically everywhere at once—I can instead be teaching you in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, any time you want, thanks to the help of modern technology.

Friends, I've poured myself into every little note, every chart and fretboard diagram, to create a course that would not only deliver the goods promised, but also make it fun to learn!

Here's what several of my Satisfied Customers say...

After buying your Texas Blues Guitar course...I am very impressed. After attempting to learn how to play the guitar for the past year I have tried two instructors, two other DVD courses, YouTube, and various online free sites. No one that I have found can touch the way you teach. In short time, your course is giving me hope that someday I will be able to play and understand what in the heck I am doing. Thank you!

Ian Smith

I have been playing guitar off and on for 50 years... I have taken lessons over the years and NO ONE has ever taught what I am learning from your course. I do not read music. I do understand tab. I play rhythm and want to play more lead. Since receiving the Texas Blues Guitar course I have practiced the scales and have progressed very well.

Bob Armer

I had been looking for a Texas Blues guitar course that I liked for a long time before I found Eric's. He has done a commendable job with this project, and I look forward to seeing/buying his next [Blues] instructional course. I find his teaching method to be clear and straight forward. As one of his very first customers, I encountered a glitch in the purchase process, and Eric stepped up to the plate and made sure everything was as it was supposed to be. Thanks Eric.

Mickey Dumont

I'd like to take a minute to thank Eric Beaty. Not only is the Texas Blues genre one of my favorite styles of music, but Eric has also managed to cram an impressive amount of detail and information into the course. All the tools are there in a straight-forward and easy to understand fashion; from type's of gear and typical setups to practicing methodology and the nuts and bolts of the music. It's a great product, Pete.

Peter Stoughton

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What You Get

The utmost care has been taken to ensure that you get a professional course from top to bottom.

From the materials, to the shipping process—even the packaging—everything has been taken into account to ensure your Guaranteed Satisfaction.

DVD Version Includes:

  • 9 High-Definition, Easy-to-Follow DVDs
  • 1 Data Disc
  • 60+ Page Ebook
  • Audio Examples of EVERYTHING!
  • All Included Bonuses (jam tracks, etc.)
  • Everything Contained in One Convenient Package!

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Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Try Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar for 30 Days and if you're not satisfied, just *send it back and I'll refund your money.

My promise to you is that when you invest in Texas Blues Guitar you'll get WAY MORE VALUE than you paid for. That's why I'm confident in offering my personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to you!

*(Online Course and USB Purchases: Please note that because of the nature of digital courses and files I can only offer a 10-day guarantee. Customer pays return shipping for USB or DVD.)

The Frustration Ends NOW!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Have you tried all the other lead guitar courses but still found them lacking in easy-to-understand, down-to-earth instruction?
  • Have you played guitar for many years but still don't feel you're where you'd like to be when it comes to lead playing and fretboard memorization?
  • Have you always wanted to play in a band but never had the nerve to because your chops just aren't where they need to be?
  • Are you ready to breathe new life into your playing?

Then Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar is Right for You!


Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

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Just who is Eric Beaty? A Brief Bio.

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