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Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar​

Free Sample Video!

3 Techniques to Spice Up Your Licks (3:44)

In this video sample, you'll learn the 3 techniques I recommend to add spice to your playing. They are as follows:

  1. Texas Rake (you'll hear this everywhere when I explain it).
  2. Sliding into a String Bend (a neat twist on a must-know technique).
  3. String Popping (a classic Texas Blues technique).

Included in the tabs below are the first 18 licks from my Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar course so you can begin practicing these techniques right away.

BONUS #1: Also included in the tabs is a "Create Your Own Licks" section to inspire you to create your own signature licks, absolutely FREE!!!

BONUS #2: I've also included a FREE "Texas Shuffle" jam track to play these licks to. Playing in a live setting is one of the best ways to learn these techniques; and if you don't have a live band, jam tracks are the next best thing!​


"Texas Shuffle" Jam Track in E

Click here to listen to the "Texas Shuffle" Jam Track in E

This is the exact same track I jam to at the beginning of the video!

(Right click to "Save as..." and download the track.)