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How would you like to earn money by helping other people learn guitar AT NO COST TO YOU?

First off, this is a legitimate affiliate program with real money involved.  I am an independent Guitar Success Coach with products (downloadable only) to help people learn guitar effectively and efficiently.  You have been directed to this page because you have clicked on a link on my website at or that deals with affiliate enrollment.

Here’s how easy it is:  You can become an affiliate of my products by clicking on the links below.   These links will direct you to where you can get your affiliate links and start posting them…

• On your website
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• Just about anywhere you can think of!

Each affiliate product has it’s own set of downloadable video, audio, and ebook files with it’s own commission fee you will be awarded provided that:

• The 45 day money back guarantee I offer has elapsed.
• Customer has not requested a refund within the guarantee period.
• No unauthorized or fraudulent transactions regarding the purchase of the product(s) have occurred on the customers credit/debit card.

That’s it!  Basically all you need to do is advertise, and after 45 days when there is a completed sale, YOU GET PAID!  How easy is that?

So get started and feel great about helping others learn a life-long passion … all while getting PAID!!!


Note:  You will need to have a PayPal account in order to receive commissions.


Affiliate Products

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The Complete Texas Blues Guitar course

Texas Blues Guitar Mini Course #1: Essential Scales & Practice Methods

Texas Blues Guitar Mini Course #2: 46 Licks & Solos

Texas Blues Guitar Mini Course #3: Chords & Rhythm

I have the right to update and/or revise these terms as changes occur, so make sure to check back here during your affiliate duration with me.