Being a “Guitarpreneur” in 2014

Have you ever tried to set goals only to find yourself falling flat on your face?  Have you already broken your New Year’s resolutions…and it’s only January?  Then get ready to get fired up to achieve all your goals — yes, I said all your goals — with the help of the resources I mention in this video blog.

My goal in this video was to show you what I’ve decided to do this year in my career as what I like to call a “Guitarpreneur.”  Basically it is what it sounds like; a guitarist who is an entrepreneur and works for himself for a living.  That’s me.  You see, 2013 was a good year overall, but it left me feeling exhausted at the overwhelming tasks, projects, and appointments I overburdened myself with.

Feeling exhausted and burned out isn’t the best way to achieve success — let alone goals of any kind — in business, guitar, life, or otherwise.  In December of 2013 when I looked back and reflected on all the milestones I’d achieved in the year 2013, it did in fact help fuel the fire for success in 2014.  But it was still a testament to the fact that I had become overwhelmed with things to do — most of which was “busywork” — and how pressured I was to get so much done, attend every singing/booking possible, and somehow manage my website, products, and work on new products (my Simple Tips To Improve Your Guitar Playing NOW!!! ebook and my upcoming Bluegrass Guitar course).

That gave me the ultimate motivation to make change happen, and when January of this year rolled around, I blazed a trail into my new future as a Guitarpreneur!

In the video above I’ll talk about some of the resources I used to get myself on track.  I’ll even include these resources here to let you download and make copies of for your own personal or business goals. So if you’ve already broken your New Year’s Resolutions, never fear; I’ll talk about some of my own struggles I have as an entrepreneur and give you some valuable resources for how I’m determining to achieve my goals and manage my time wisely and effectively this year in all things guitar.

If this is your first video in this series, be sure and watch this entire Guitarpeneur Hangout beginning with Pt. 1.

My Personal Goal Sheets

Click to download or view

My Ideal Week (OpenOffice Doc)

My Ideal Week Screenshot

My Ideal Week (Excel Doc)

My Ideal Week Screenshot

F.O.C.U.S. Goals 2014

In case you’re not familiar with what an awesome free tool Trello is, check out my article on Trello

S.M.A.R.T. Goals 2014

Resources Mentioned in the Video

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“Angels We Have Heard On High” video

“How to Create More Margin in Your Life” by Michael Hyatt
“How to Use Batching to Become More Productive” by Michael Hyatt (Includes an overview of the Pomodoro Technique)
“The Beginner’s Guide to Goal Setting” by Michael Hyatt (featuring S.M.A.R.T. Goal strategies)

Free Sample of Paul Gilbert’s Online Rock Guitar School

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Honorable Mentions

“How To Plan Your Year In Just One Hour” by Ray Edwards

“The 48 Minute Empower Hour” by John Richardson (an alternative to the Pomodoro Technique)