(Now Available!) New Product Release Coming Soon

(Simple Tips To Improve Your Guitar Playing NOW!!! is Now Available!!! Click here to go to the official product page.)

Here is the product image reveal along with some free samples I’d like to offer you.


TBG Ebook 3D Image

I will be releasing the full version very soon and will post another article when it is available.*

I realize that my other products may be a little higher in price (though offering incredible value) than many people can afford.

That bothers me.

I am so passionate, so dedicated to my mission of helping people learn how to express their creative selves through guitar that I’ve decided to offer this product at a low price.  More details when the product is officially released.

You may also wish to contribute to my work, but don’t know how or haven’t been able to because my products may be out of range in your budget (for now).  Good news!  Since the price of this ebook will be so low, I feel it will be a great opportunity to provide even more value while in turn helping you help me further my future projects.

Lastly, I am also going to be doing a price cut on my other products very soon in anticipation of my newest guitar course for Bluegrass Guitar.  I am currently in the editing stages of post production and will post a notification to my Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and Google+ accounts when it becomes available.

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For now, please click the images below to be directed to where you can download your free sample of my latest product Simple Tips To Improve Your Guitar Playing NOW!!!

TBG Sample pic

Free Sample Pic 1 Free Sample Pic 2