Here you’ll find a list of some valuable resources I recommend:


The Secret Guitar Teacher

The Secret Guitar Teacher: An invaluable resource created by my long-time friend and mentor, Nick Minnion.  He’s one of the main reasons I teach guitar today.


96 Blues Licks DVDs


96 Blues Licks by Steve Stine: If you’ve already purchased my Texas Blues Guitar course and are hungry for even more Blues, then this course by Steve Stine will get you well on your way to learning some great Blues licks of all types!


96 Rock Licks by Steve Stine

96 Rock Licks by Steve Stine: Instructional course made possible by one of my good friends Dan Denley.


Music Theory Made Easy by Steve Stine:  Another great course by Steve that will give you all you need to know about music theory for guitar!


Guitar Playback by David Walliman  David Walliman is a renown presence on YouTube and launched his website back in 2010.  Since then, he’s helped thousands of students with the use of backing tracks, video lessons, and “Map Tracks,” a video-based instructional tool designed to give you visual insights and ideas while you play along with the backing track in the video.


Music Teacher's Helper

Music Teacher’s Helper: This website has saved me so much headache in running my Guitar instruction business.  The site is free for your first five “active” students and then for a low monthly fee for any students after that.  Here’s the great thing: You can downgrade at any time!  Sign up now and get 20% off your first month!


NCH Software:  This company has some of the world’s premier software out there!  Find anything from Audio, Video, Business, Editing, and more!  Free 14-Day trial on most applications!

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