“You are absolutely the best teacher on the internet I have encountered. I just finished your Blue Railroad Train lesson (YouTube), I have been trying to play that on and off for 20 years.  Now, because of you, I can play it right.  I will support you from now on any way I can. Thank you!”

YouTube user Jamesanic


“What you do is easy to follow/grasp and apply.  Been checking your newsletters and filing them and USING them.  You are certainly a good player and matched by your teaching.  The edict of “Those who can, do…  Those who can’t, teach.” doesn’t apply to you.  You inject your passion and knowledge into your playing and you are successful in applying the same effort into sharing that knowledge and breaking down the skill.  I applaud your efforts.”

YouTube user dinein1970


“Eric, thanks so much.  Your teaching style is relaxed and approachable. It is clear that hanging with you is going to make me a better guitar player and inspire a new mindset and new ideas for playing in the same old I–IV–V. ”

Howard Gotfryd via LinkedIn


“I’d like to take a minute to thank Eric Beaty. Not only is the Texas Blues genre one of my favorite styles of music, but Eric has also managed to cram an impressive amount of detail and information into the course. All the tools are there in a straight-forward and easy to understand fashion; from type’s of gear and typical setups to practicing methodology and the nuts and bolts of the music. It’s a great product, Pete.”

Peter Stoughton – Hanson, Mass.


“I had been looking for a Texas Blues guitar course that I liked for a long time before I found Eric’s. He has done a commendable job with this project and I look forward to seeing/buying his next Blues instructional course. I find his teaching method to be clear and straight forward. I may add I am in Canada and as one of his very first customers, encountered a glitch in the purchase process and he stepped to the plate and made sure everything was as it was supposed to be. Thanks Eric.”

Mickey Dumont


“I signed up for Eric’s Texas Blues Guitar course.  His lesson plan was thorough and a great learning experience.  I would recommend Eric for guitar instruction needs.  On top of it all…Eric is a great guy!”

Gregg Bauer


“After buying your Texas Blues course a number of months ago I have just started the course.  I am very impressed.  After attempting to learn how to play the guitar for the past year I have tried two instructors, two other DVD courses, YouTube, and various online free sites.  No one that I have found can touch the way you teach.  In short time, your course is giving me hope that someday I will be able to play and understand what in the heck I am doing.  Thank you!”

Ian Smith


“I have been playing guitar off and on for 50 years.  The last two years have been a lot more serious than before since I retired and have more time.  Also as a note I only have three fingers to chord with.  My ring finger on the left hand is a nub and I do not use it for playing.  I have mastered playing with the three fingers and have developed pretty good speed.  I have taken lessons over the years and NO ONE has ever taught what I am learning from your course.  I do not read music.  I do understand tab.  I play rhythm and want to play more lead.  Since receiving the course I have practiced the scales and have progressed very well.”

Bob, Arkansas


“Eric, I recently ordered and received your excellent Texas Blues Guitar course.  I am very much appreciating your teaching method and style.  I am a former music teacher and am used to seeing videos made by persons who assume knowledge and expertise on the part of the student.  You do a great job of breaking it down into understandable and learnable pieces.”

Jon, Anchorage AK



And a few from Facebook:

“Keep up the awesome lessons; you are an amazing musician.  I really dig your Texas style!  I am very interested in your course as a digital download and will definitely be checking it out.”

Rex Marsau


“Eric’s instruction and videos are exceptional.  I think we all wished we could play and teach as well as he does.”

Kevin Kelly


“Well explained and well demonstrated lick. I really appreciate being given a good blues lick that I can incorporate into my leads. Thanks, man!”

Steve Allen


“A decent teacher, who keeps it straightforward and neat :-)”

John Line · Team Leader / Product specifier at M-hance Limited


“This is great and right on time. Earlier, I did a lesson with strings 1 & 2 and with this lesson, strings 1,2,3. And no weird, head-achy scales with foreign, non-comprehensible (reprehensable) names but with a scale that we all know. Open the blinds. Let the sun shine iin. I’m getting the hang of this.”

Larry Densmore · York University


“All I can say is with you teaching me, I can actually hope to pull off a SRV tune before I go down the Big Muddy to the wide open…KEEP IT UP! Love it and thanks.”

Robert Block · Eaglecrest High School


“Great stuff, this has given me a new lease of life regarding playing and understanding of blues patterns.”

Nigel Parr ·Drumcroon arts Centre: artist in residence


“Amazing videos and instruction…I learned much! Thank You!”

James Black


“Great stuff and I like the way you break it down.”

Tony Dulong


“Thanks, you’ve shown me a couple of nice little touches to something that I have been playing around with for years.”

Barry Ruhl · Combat Systems Techinical Schools Command


“Quite informative, very instructive, simple to follow!”

Alvin Walker Sr · Marysville, Washington


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