Online Business

If you’ve ever wandered how you can get started with your own online business, then here are some of my recommendations.  These are services that I have either used or highly recommend to get you up and running.  Here’s to your success as an online entrepreneur!


Website Hosting:  Bluehost

Get top-notch hosting for as little as $6.95 a month!

Bluehost is who I use and trust for website hosting.  I’ve never encountered a problem while using them and their customer service is top-notch!  BONUS:  The Premium version of WordPress website software comes free when you use Bluehost as your hosting provider!


Email Marketing:  iContact

iContact is email marketing at it’s finest!  You can sign up for a free trial by clicking the image above and ther lowest plan is only $10 a month!  You can’t beat that if you’re just starting out or if you’ve considered switching from your current provider.  The social media features and scheduling alone are worth the price of membership!  Great customer service as well.


Shopping Cart:  PayLoadz

PayLoadz is who I use for all my online shopping cart needs.  They have a free option available if you’re just wanting to try them out and to upgrade to their Premium account is reasonably priced.  I’ve used them since I started and they’ve been worth every penny!


Themes:  WooThemes

The Best WordPress Themes on the Planet!

WooThemes has tons of great themes to offer.  You won’t be disappointed when you give this top-notch company a try!  (A little secret: the one I use for this site is Mainstream … and it’s totally free!)


Website Software:  WordPress

WordPress is an easy, free software you can use to set up your website.  No HTML knowledge required.  However, if you really want to spice up your site with the use of Plug-ins, Premium Themes, and such, click here for the Premium version.


Free Graphic Resources: Marketing In Underwear

Mark Hess has got some awesome FREE tools for you to use on your website.  Everything from “Add to Cart” buttons to ebook cover creators.  Totally free and nothing to sign up for!  Highly recommended.



Motivational Library

These books have inspired me and will inspire you to think like a successful business owner.  Get your copy by clicking the links below today!  (Note:  If you don’t see the media box below, refresh the page.)


Help from the Masters of Internet Business

Here’s some of the folks who’ve made it all possible for me to keep myself motivated, dedicated, and determined to success.  I figured “If they can do it, so can I!”  And that’s just what I’m trying to do!

Smart Passive Income:  Pat Flynn is one of the best guys on the planet for keeping you motivated and informing you of how to keep your Internet business successful!


Internet Business Mastery: Sterling & Jay are responsible for many successful Internet business entrepreneurs, including the above mentioned Pat Flynn.  They have numerous resources you can use to sky-rocket your success online.



Podcast Answer Man &  Cliff Ravenscraft is the go-to guy on how to run a professional podcast as a business venture.  His sister website,, is an amalgam of business, life, and even tv show podcasts.  Plenty of material for you to glean through; most of which is free! &  Dan Miller is an expert in how to find or create the work you love and get out of the 9 to 5 daily grind you’ve been in for so long.  You should definitely give his materials and podcast a try.



Dislcaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links which will, by clicking on them to buy these products and services, help to support this website and keep the efforts to maintain high-quality content coming.  Thanks in advance for your support!