Developing Good Habits In Your Guitar Playing

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People who teach themselves how to play guitar often develop bad habits. It’s true. The sad thing about it is that by the time they decide they’re stuck in a rut and need help to get out of it by signing up for lessons, they often find it’s hard to break these bad habits. I’ve often heard it called “practicing mistakes.”

It’s important to realize that if you want to play guitar correctly, you must learn to develop good habits in your guitar playing. You must also realize that although it may be hard to change these habits, it can be done. There’s a popular idea that it takes somewhere around 30 days – or a month – to create or change new or current habits. Here’s a great article I found with some neat ideas to help you do just that.

If you think you’ll be just fine teaching yourself new techniques, you may be right. But more than likely you’ll just be hurting yourself by holding yourself back through the development of bad habits. If you can’t afford lessons, then the best thing I can suggest is to find many versions of what you want to learn online (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and select the ones that sound the best and look like the teacher really knows what he’s talking about.

If it sounds choppy, find a cleaner version; if it looks like the person hasn’t picked up their guitar in over a year, find a more experienced teacher; if you’ve found two great versions of the same scale (lick, solo, etc.), pick the one that sounds the best and will be the easiest for you to play.

You can develop good habits in your playing if you’re truly serious and passionate about learning to play guitar and be the best guitarist you can be. If you’re ready for someone to teach you the right habits, then check out my Texas Blues Guitar Mini-Courses available in three separate, comprehensive downloadable courses. Here’s to learning only good habits from here on out!

Best Wishes and Keep Practicing,

Eric Beaty

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