Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Snippet 1 Click here to watch the Snippet Intro Video In my quest to provide even more content to my viewers, subscribers, and fans, I’ve come up with a new way to share my ideas via video.  I realize that most of my lesson videos are at least 15 minutes […]

Introducing “Snippets”

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I’m pleased to announce that the “For the Love of Guitar” community is now up and running!  I created this community so fans of guitar all over the world could come together and enjoy the benefits of shared learning and shared experiences in all things guitar. Why Google+?  In simple […]

Join the Texas Blues Guitar Community!

Chances are you’ve heard the old saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” The only problem is, when you want to learn a new skill the guitar (Scales, Chords, Songs, etc.) it always seems difficult to know which step to take to begin the journey. […]

How To Learn Any New Skill On Guitar

I’m very excited to announce that my original Texas Blues Guitar course is now available as 3 Separate, Downloadable ”Mini-Courses.”  Now, everyone can afford to learn all the Tips, Tricks, & Techniques used by the best of the best Legendary players like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Freddie King, Johnny Winter, Hubert Sumlin, and a whole slew of other Blues Masters. Each mini-course will […]

Texas Blues Guitar Mini-Courses Now Available WORLDWIDE!!!

  “I don’t have time for practicing.” “Practicing is boring. I just want to play.” “I hate practicing!” You may have heard (or used) these excuses yourself whenever the subject of practicing your guitar has ever come up, especially if you’re an experienced player. I know I have. But if […]

Why You Can’t Get Enough Practice Playing Guitar

Have you ever wanted to take lessons to improve your playing but felt ashamed because you consider yourself an “experienced” player and shouldn’t have to take lessons because you should already know it all? Not long ago, I had a new student sign up and told me he had put […]

Why Taking Guitar Lessons Is A Wise Investment

Have you ever heard a guitar solo from one of your favorite artists and asked yourself, “What is it that he/she does that makes their solo sound so amazing?” What guitarist hasn’t wondered that? When it comes to playing lead guitar, there are many techniques that come into play that […]

Bending Notes and Why You Should Learn This Invaluable Technique