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I’m pleased to announce that the “For the Love of Guitar” community is now up and running!  I created this community so fans of guitar all over the world could come together and enjoy the benefits of shared learning and shared experiences in all things guitar.

Why Google+?  In simple terms: For the connectivity features.  Hangouts and Chat allow for the best ways to connect with fans of my Texas Blues Guitar course and guitar enthusiasts in general.  Why not use the latest technology Google has to offer so that we can all have an avenue to share what we have to say?

Anytime I’m working online I’ll post a notification on my Google+ profile so you can know when I’m available for chat.  I’ll also post notifications on my profile and to subscribers of my Totally Free Guitar Newsletter whenever I’ve scheduled a Hangout.

For all the latest regarding the community, be sure to add me to your Google+ Circles and subscribe to my newsletter to enjoy the benefits of great content, product updates, and everything I have to offer to the community!

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