“I don’t have time for practicing.” “Practicing is boring. I just want to play.” “I hate practicing!” You may have heard (or used) these excuses yourself whenever the subject of practicing your guitar has ever come up, especially if you’re an experienced player. I know I have. But if […]

Why You Can’t Get Enough Practice Playing Guitar

Have you ever wanted to take lessons to improve your playing but felt ashamed because you consider yourself an “experienced” player and shouldn’t have to take lessons because you should already know it all? Not long ago, I had a new student sign up and told me he had put […]

Why Taking Guitar Lessons Is A Wise Investment

Have you ever heard a guitar solo from one of your favorite artists and asked yourself, “What is it that he/she does that makes their solo sound so amazing?” What guitarist hasn’t wondered that? When it comes to playing lead guitar, there are many techniques that come into play that […]

Bending Notes and Why You Should Learn This Invaluable Technique

  If you know anything about playing the Blues, Rock, Jazz – or any other genre for that matter – you’ve probably heard the phrase, “He’s got soul,” or “He really plays with a lot of soul.” But if you’re just starting out playing guitar, you may be scratching your […]

Do You Have “Soul” In Your Guitar Playing

Visualization 7
Hello, folks!  Eric here again for  You know, I love to teach guitar. Since I’ve been teaching guitar I’ve come across several little-known – and even more little-addressed – issues students have with learning to play or learning to play better guitar. It comes as no surprise to me that […]

The Power of Visualization for Faster Chord Switching

When I think about how the guitar, a truly remarkable instrument, has evolved through the years I am amazed. Even more-so, regardless of the multitudes of new stomp-boxes, effects, and “toys” that enter the scene, there’s no denying the love and devotion that tried-and-true guitarists have for that ever-elusive “tone.” […]

The Joy of Playing the Blues (and What I Did ...

Wow!  I’m so amazed at how good things have been going with my Texas Blues Guitar multimedia course in the past month.  Thanks to everyone who purchased the course during my special limited-time introductory offer. Even though the introductory special is over, you can still get the course at less […]

A few updates…

Texas Blues Guitar by Eric Beaty 2
This site is dedicated to my guitar instructional lesson course entitled Texas Blues Guitar by Eric Beaty.  I have been working hard to make this product and site available to the public and now it’s finally here!  I will be posting to Facebook and Twitter as well as getting a […]