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This site is dedicated to my guitar instructional lesson course entitled Texas Blues Guitar by Eric Beaty.  I have been working hard to make this product and site available to the public and now it’s finally here!  I will be posting to Facebook and Twitter as well as getting a newsletter up and running soon, so you can check back either here on my “Latest News” page or on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Limber

    Buying an acoustic guitar for my son??!!?

    Hello, my son is is nearly 10 and has been having guitar lessons for about a year. He bugged me for a year previously before I gave in and agreed to lessons and a guitar. So I knew he was serious. Well, he still likes his lessons and guitar; however, he has grown and the guitar is now too small! So I want to buy him another one. A relative got this one for me, so I know nothing about guitars!

    Anyway, I’m in EU, and want a decent acoustic guitar but dont want to spend a fortune as he is still young and will probably want another one! What brand of guitar is decent? What sort of size would he need? The one he uses now is small! I looked on shop websites and they had various makes and said classic, western, jumbo, etc??? This means nothing to me!! What type is best to play most types of music? Any help appreciated on decent brand, size, and type of acoustic guitar.

    P.S. He said he quite likes the guitar that are coloured. Think he may have seen a blue acoustic. Thanks.

    • Eric Beaty

      Hello, Limber.

      Thanks for your question. If your son is still learning guitar and is still in the beginner stages of playing, I would recommend a junior guitar to start with. Some of the better brands that are less expensive than the higher name brands are:

      Squire (by Fender)
      Epiphone (by Gibson)
      Applause (by Ovation)
      Jasmine (by Takamine)

      I could go on, but for our purposes, I would recommend not getting the package deals (guitar, tuner, strap, picks, etc.). The reason is because you usually get a much lesser quality guitar to compensate for all the extra “goodies.” You want to invest that money into the guitar itself instead.

      For your son, if he’s really serious about continuing to play, I recommend Fender, Alvarez, Ibanez, and Yamaha. I have a Fender guitar that was my first “real” guitar back in 1995 and it’s still going strong today. As long as he takes care of it, it will last a long time.

      You can check out some of my favorite sites for buying musical equipment on my new Resources page.

      Good luck and good luck to your son,


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